Magnus Møller Ziegler

At such times half-hearted minds have opposite views to those of whole-minded generals. They believe that they can compensate losses by cutting the armed forces, by splitting them up, by a peace treaty with the real needs, whereas Themistocles, when Athens was threatened with destruction, tried to persuade the Athenians to abandon the city entirely and found a new Athens at sea, in another element.

— Karl Marx, Notebooks on Epicurean Philosophy, MECW 1, p. 492.

I am a Danish academic and researcher. I hold a B.A. in philosophy (University of Copenhagen, 2013) and an M.A. in the history of philosophy (UCPH, 2016). Currently, I am finishing my Ph.D. at Aarhus University while also working as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen.

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My research interests lay at the intersect between the history of philosophy, intellectual history, and social theory, especially the history of political thought. My main reasearch interest is the intellectual discourse of the German Vormärz period (c. 1820-1848). I am mainly interested in political Hegelianism, but also the formation, constitution, and development of the Hegelian school in general, as well as the wider cultural and socio-political reception of Hegel's philosophy. However, formative debates on constitutionalism, freedom of the press, and the relationship between religion, the state, and politics, etc. were also the order of the day in the Vormärz period, and I am also interested in those. Finally, I also work on Karl Marx as both an integral part of and an outlier in these debates.

More broadly still, I am also interested in the history of philosophy and political thought in general, philosophy of science (especially the social sciences), the intellectual history of Marxism, and more.

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