Magnus Møller Ziegler
Portrait of the Author as a Young Hegelian

I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1989 and still live there with my partner and our two children. Along the way, I have also lived in Wales, mainly in Cardiff but also up north for a bit. In 2019 I had a brief stay in Oxford where I visited for Hilary term to work with David Leopold at the Department of Politics and International Relations and Mansfield College.

Having two small children means I mainly spend time with my family, but I also enjoy having beers with friends in quiet pubs, collecting books, listening to podcasts (mainly history and politics) and 90s hip hop, and looking at ancient stone dolmen.

I received my B.A. in philosophy with electives in history and comparative literature from the University of Copenhagen in 2013, and my M.A. in philosophy with a specialisation in the history of philosophy in 2016 (also UCPH). During the course of my degrees I have focused on German nineteenth-century philosophy and intellectual discourse, which is my primary research interest. This meant that in my B.A. I wrote all free assignments on topics related to this field, and during my M.A. I chose courses as closely related to this field as possible.

My B.A. project was on Hegel’s interpretation of Fichte’s concept of self-consciousness based on the Differenzschrift and Fichte's 1797/98 Versuch einer neuen Darstellung der Wissenschaftslehre. My M.A. dissertation was titled Mutatis mutandis. Friedrich Engels’s use of Hegelian Concepts in his 'Ludwig Feuerbach und der Ausgang der klassischen deutschen Philosophie' and did pretty much what it says on the tin. My supervisor for both of these projects was Associate Professor, Mag.Art. Poul Lübcke.

Quick facts

Ph.D. 2020 (expected) Philsophy and history of ideas Aarhus University
M.A. 2016 History of philosophy University of Copenhagen
B.A. 2013 Philosophy University of Copenhagen
2020- Assistant Lecturer
Department of Political Science University of Copenhagen
2017-2020 Ph.D. Fellow
full time
Department of Philosophy and
the History of Ideas
Aarhus University
2016-2017 Assistant Lecturer
Department of Political Science University of Copenhagen

Areas of Specialisation: Hegelianism, esp. Young Hegelianism; Karl Marx; intellectual history of the German Vomärz (c. 1820-1848); Friedrich Engels.

Areas of Competence: G.W.F. Hegel; history of political thought; German idealism; intellectual history of Marxism (c. 1840-1970); Søren Kierkegaard; intellectual history of the Danish 'Golden Age' (c. 1800-1860); philosophy of science, esp. social sciences; digital humanities and text-as-data methods; critical theory; Aristotle.

Read more about my research specialisations and interests here.

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